Tourism Expert Larry Starr Sarasota Offers Tips For Ensuring Guest Comfort

Larry Starr

September 2, 2021

Tourism Expert Larry Starr Sarasota Offers Tips For Ensuring Guest Comfort

Sarasota Tourism Expert Larry Starr Offers Tips For Ensuring Guest Comfort

If you work in the tourism or hospitality industry, you need to check out this post-pandemic advice from Sarasota tourism expert Larry Starr.

In recent weeks, the tourism industry has boomed because people who spent long months social distancing are now looking to get out and about. Many hotels, bed & breakfasts, and Airbnb hosts are set to enjoy a banner tourist season. Still, if you want to maximize success, you need to focus on customer happiness and comfort. Tourism expert Larry Starr from Sarasota is going to share some insights.

“If you want to build long-term success in the tourism industry, you need to prioritize guest satisfaction,” Larry Starr from Sarasota says. “Happy guests will leave great reviews, recommend you to friends, and support your business.”

Ensuring guest satisfaction is easier said than done, of course. Still, with a thoughtful process, any hotel manager or Airbnb host can improve their chances of success. When it comes to guests, comfort is key.

“You want to ensure guest comfort and to make it easy for guests to get comfortable,” Larry Starr, Sarasota, notes. “For example, when a guest checks into a room, whether it’s a huge hotel or the spare bedroom in your apartment, they should have everything they need on hand. Wifi passwords, towels, and other common creature comforts should be provided without them having to ask.”

Another important aspect of comfort is furniture. If guests suffer a poor night’s sleep on their bed, they may leave a poor review even if every other aspect of their visit was great. Ergonomics is important. With beds, you’ll want a mattress set that provides plenty of support, so people don’t wake up with a sore back.

Providing guests with a desk or table to set up their laptop or tablet is also smart. Light switches should be easy to find and should be clearly labeled as well. Any lamps, air conditioners, televisions, phones, or whatever else in the room should be easy to use.

“Guests should be able to settle into your room without much hassle,” Larry Starr suggests. “The less they stress out about getting comfortable, the better. Comfort can be your key competitive advantage, especially in tourist hotspots like Sarasota.”

Larry Starr From Sarasota Says Cleanliness is Key

Guests also want to enjoy a cleanroom. First impressions count, and if guests find that their room is dirty or poorly maintained, it’ll reflect negatively on the business or host. If guests enter a spotless room, on the other hand, it conveys how seriously you take their comfort.

“Never skimp on cleaning the room. Don’t cut corners,” Larry Starr in Sarasota says. “If you check out poor reviews online for facilities and hosts, dirty facilities are among the most common complaints.”

Struggling to clean your rooms or facilities? Considering hiring professional cleaning services. While this costs money, it’s an investment that could help ensure the long-term success of your business.